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Authorised Dealer of Bosch® PAVA System in the UAE

Bosch® is the only public address systems brand with a full line of loudspeakers, sound system, amplifier options, indoor and outdoor speakers, and speaker accessories.

Complete Solution Providers For PAVA System in UAE

The PAVA System are often installed alongside fire detection systems. Generally, they are utilized for larger spaces or public buildings and office blocks. However, they can be used for buildings where there is a need to provide clear, concise spoken messages. The messages can either be a general day-to-day message or in the event of an emergency. In emergencies like a fire, it becomes essential for people to evacuate safely in the shortest time.

High-quality PAVA Systems are necessary for dealing with high safety and security challenges. To be genuinely effective, a PAVA System and emergency sound system can deliver performance and reliability guaranteed. Be it shopping malls, office buildings, schools, public buildings, or houses of worship. With PAVA, people are less likely to panic when all of it is in place.  Commhawk Trading is the leading PAVA Systems provider in UAE

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We are the leading suppliers of the following Bosch® PAVA System Equipments.

PAVA System

Bosch® PLENA

The PLENA public address solution can be used to tailor virtually any public address system to the precise needs of small-to-mid-sized locations. It can develop into an extensive, multi-zone public address configuration with digital messaging, automated functions, and additional power capability.
PAVA System uae

Bosch® Loudspeakers

If you need professional loudspeaker solutions for every application, our portfolio of Cabinet Loudspeakers, Column Loudspeakers, Active Line Array’s, Ceiling Loudspeakers, Sound Projectors and Horn Loudspeakers is the best choice for EN54-24 certified voice alarm installs, speech and background, as well as foreground music. Commhawk is offering best quality Original bosch sound system in Dubai, UAE

PAVA System dubai

BOSCH® Microphones

We deal in microphones that are ideal for public address, conference intercom, etc. The range of microphones we supply includes: omnidirectional dynamic hand held microphones, unidirectional hand held and gooseneck microphones, gooseneck condenser microphones, wireless handheld microphones, receivers and belt packs, lavie lier and head-worn microphones, microphone accessories.
PAVA System


The latest Public Address and Voice Alarm System from Bosch is a networked system ensuring the highest flexibility and scalability from small centralized to large decentralized systems. It supports Dante audio networking, AES67 and AES70 protocol.
PAVA System


With more than 20,000 installed systems worldwide, Praesideo is the most reliable solution for demanding public address and emergency sound application. Fully certified according to EN54-16, it is the ideal choice for public announcements, scheduled events, and more.
PAVA System


PAVIRO is a unique, high-quality public address system that not just delivers professional quality sound, but also has three different types of evacuation signals. It’s ideal for small- to mid-sized offices, regional airports, mid-sized hotels, factories, schools, and department stores.
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Benefits of PAVA Systems in UAE

The PAVA system uses high-quality and reliable amplifiers for built-in protection. The system can easily transmit alarm tone and routine voice messages from the central location to the facility reliably and safely.

According to research, the percentage of people reacting to PAVA notifications is far better than traditional bells or alarms. A public address system installed ensures that people respond to the fire and smoke promptly. These systems are appropriate for spaces of all sizes, be they large or small ones.

The PAVA is used for firefighters to deliver appropriate instruction for people inside the building

Flexibility in connecting loudspeaker with longer distance

Message broadcasting during a fire, smoke, or any other hazard during the relevant time

Messages can be utilized for directing people to safety exists

PAVA has amplifiers attached which is responsible for covering the entire building

PAVA systems are equipped with additional and impressive features

public address system

Why Choose CommHawk Global for PAVA Installation in Dubai, UAE?

We are the leading PAVA System supplier in Dubai, UAE that offer the best branded safety solutions with our quality branded PAVA system. One that holds a proven track record of providing amazing services to customers. The high-performance voice addressing systems are installed throughout the building.

For evacuating the residence, or during an emergency, our branded PAVA system solutions will be of great help. The unmatchable quality, longevity, security, and reliability offered are top-notch. Being a renowned dealer we keep on upgrading, updating our lineup with branded new products to keep your system future-proof.

Our branded security range is developed specifically for buildings, hospitals, schools, stations, public authorities, and airports. With an integrated alarm and communication system, you can enjoy seamless security solutions.

What is the Role of Voice Alarm?

Voice alarms are increasingly popular for the safe management of the building. A voice message instantly informs the occupants of the exact type of emergency, giving people a quick way to make a decision.

During the evacuation, the voice message will help one take correct action. Voice alarms are not only used for public buildings but also other public addresses and entertainment systems.

These are used to page messages instantly to building occupants during emergencies or instruction. They are flexibly used to send different signals, music, messages to different areas of the building.

It gives a clear direction to people
It gives a clear direction to people
Live messages giving proper instruction
Customized pre-recorded messages
Improve floor management of phased evacuation
Non-emergency functionality
Voice Alarm Made Simple with CommHawk Global

Selecting and designing a systematic Voice Alarm system can seem to be challenging. At CommHawks, we have a team of experts who offer you quality security solutions. For building security with proper voice command, our voice alarm will do wonders. You need to decide the right type of system you need for your space.

It will largely depend upon the size and complexity of your building, and we can advise you on the same. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll give you the most sought-after solutions. Most importantly, our branded products are updated as per International industry standards and requirements.

Being a top trusted Public address system supplier in Dubai, UAE, we provide comprehensive PAVA System solution to control the flow of building occupants in emergencies situation. They also provide background music during the need and public address for daily operation. Clear voice messages can be initiated through the system to help to evacuate buildings easily.

What are the Features of PAVA System?

Locating individuals in a larger group

PA is a perfect option to locate individuals in a large group. Finding a specific person that you’re unsure where they might be in the building is accessible. Announcing the PA system gives you help in locating them through your message.

Addressing Larger Crowd

PA systems are useful for addressing a larger crowd of people. Be it informing commuters about train announcements or telling customers about products through promotion. PA systems can be used effectively to make sure people are known loud and clear.

Enhanced Security

You can use the PA system to keep people informed about any emergency or challenging situation. You can keep the crowd informed about the evacuation and where to reach to feel safe and protected. Security is the most crucial factor of all for people!
PAVA System

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It allows safer and secured control of the building evacuation to be managed, especially in case of emergency. A clear voice message can be initiated to keep people informed.
A voice alarm system is installed with the safety of people and the public in mind. It is to assist in the effectiveness of evacuation during a fire or any other emergency.
It is a system used for amplifying the human voice. The amplifier receives a signal from the microphone, and then the output comes in the form of the speaker’s sound.
It benefits from public address and voice alarms in the airport, bus station, hotels, medical centers, schools, offices, shopping centers, stadiums, and theatres.

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