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Feel secure with COMMHAWK.

We aspire to be UAE’s most trusted supplier of Security systems. We aim to lead the markets through superior and matchless quality, competitive pricing, and easy availability.

Providing High quality and exception security solutions for better control and protection of your space. CommHawk general trading LLC is a leading security system supplier in Dubai. Our product ranges from CCTV system, time and attendance, to intercom system and more. Driven by the values of quality and service, we are a customer-focused business, meeting Industry standards.

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What will happen if you don't Install Security Solutions?

Despite the threat of break-in, vandalism, and other vulnerabilities,┬ásome businesses don’t prioritize safety. The confidence of feeling safe will help you be focused, productive, and assured.

With no procedure in place to handle the issue, your business is likely to erupt into chaos.

Improper, lower quality, or poor security systems will make you feel at risk.

Anyone can quickly enter your space and contribute to negativity in the environment.

With increased cases of theft and a lack of security for public safety, it will affect reputation.

When doing business, people wish to feel safer, which might be lacking with improper security solutions.

You won't have any proof of what happened or who did it if you don't have a security system and surveillance cameras.


Now what? All you need to do is install and feel safer in your space!

security products can genuinely affect your peace of mind. Getting it installed on time and having the right products in hand is equally important. Contact us for Instant Installation and the safest quality product. Here is what we offer to you while also keeping promising quality guaranteed:

CCTV Products we deals

We at CommHawk general trading LLC provide end-to-end video surveillance solutions that propel your business forward. The CCTV camera system is highly beneficial for keeping an eye on all the activities on your property.

Our CCTV cameras are affordable, meeting your needs to provide you with turn-key solutions. Fully integrate your space with a security system that achieves excellence in monitoring.

Below is the list of our prominent quality and 100% security assured products. The product list below can genuinely give secured protection for your business:  

Home Security System
Access Control and Intruder Alarm

Access control manages who gets in, where they can have access and when they can access. In addition, we offer multiple control solutions to control who goes when, where, and other privileges that are easy to customize.

Also, be it at home or in factories, our intrusion systems meet the most advanced security technology. The intrusion detectors/alarms and transmission equipment will be of great help to you.


Time and Attendance System

We can support your business with the accurate Time Tracking Management System. We truly understand how important time is in your business, and you can achieve the best results with a time card and biometric system.

Depending upon your business size and needs, our team will advise you on the best solutions that fit your requirements well. Our time and attendance system is highly tech-driven!


Gate Barrier Systems

Our gate barrier system prevents the entry of unauthorized vehicles by monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles. In addition, our barrier gates enable easy integration and control, made of the best quality material.

The security system we offer is highly appreciated and is of the best quality. From different lengths, it can be adjusted according to the site requirement. In addition, gate barriers can easily monitor the details of vehicles that enter and leave.


Intercom system

Our intercom system has been a staple in security and communication! For better control of the home or office, intercom systems from prominent brands will cater to your needs well.

The high-quality intercom system will enhance your communications as simple as a point-to-point conversation. We aim to become a leading name for a security system supplier in Dubai, and our intercom will meet your safety needs well.


Public Address System

High-quality public address systems are pretty essential for dealing with security and safety challenges. To be truly efficient, a public address system must deliver exceptional performance.

Our high-quality PA solution uses HD audio for virtually any environment. Depending upon your needs, we will recommend you the right size of PS system that integrates well. Our product is tech-driven, easy to use, and highly affordable.


UPS System

UPS systems are designed to provide clean, well-conditioned, and uninterrupted power precisely for your security. We know how much you care about safety and security, and we provide you with the same throughout the product.

Give time and protect your investment in equipment through proper power. Then, you can get rid of power outages, voltage drops/spikes, and other power issues.

Brands We Deals:

Benefits of Security Systems for Commercial Space:

  • Reinforcement of Authorized and Unauthorized Areas
  • Deters crime
  • Theft Reduction and Resolution
  • Protects valuables
  • Minimization of Vandalism
  • Allows remote access to your space
  • Help keep tabs
  • Peace of mind

Why Choose CommHawk?

  • Looking for the best security system? We provide solutions to keeping your facilities safe, secured, comfortable, efficient, and productive.
  • We are your right and intelligent choice, ensuring total integrated security & safety needs are met.
  • Our offerings are for customers to protect their property and ensure that everyone on the property is safe and sound.
  • Be it home requirement business needs; our security system will meet worldwide quality standards.

What are the Features of PAVA?

Locating individuals in a larger group

PA is a perfect option to locate individuals in a large group. Finding a specific person that you’re unsure where they might be in the building is accessible. Announcing the PA system gives you help in locating them through your message.

Addressing Larger Crowd

PA systems are useful for addressing a larger crowd of people. Be it informing commuters about train announcements or telling customers about products through promotion. PA systems can be used effectively to make sure people are known loud and clear.

Enhanced Security

You can use the PA system to keep people informed about any emergency or challenging situation. You can keep the crowd informed about the evacuation and where to reach to feel safe and protected. Security is the most crucial factor of all for people!
PAVA System

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. While installation, the professional will elaborate on how it works with a brief demonstration.

Every home and business is unique, and that can affect the pricing. However, we have an affordable security system solution for you.

Yes, CCTV can be monitored, and you can view your cameras from anywhere. Of course, with smartphones, you’ll have easier control.

We at CommHawk provide reliable, affordable, professional, and highly innovative security solutions. We are known for the safest system guaranteed!


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